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Dvě zápasy mistrovství světa a evropský titulový boj! S mistrem Evropy Radek Roušal z Brna

Posted by Office on March 16th, 2018


28. Dubna ve Vídni

Patricia APOLOT, Team Rozman, Uganda

WKF EUROPE head office confirm the amazing World title in Vienna, Austria,on April 28th !

After her great performance in 2017 and her great victories in the past many promoters World wide want to get Patricia APOLOT from Kampala on the fight card.

KNOCK-OUT SPORTPROMOTION in Austria, is one of the oldest promotion teams in Europe.

World famous are the “Night of Glory” series since more than five Years.

Swiss Lara COGLIANESE retired now and new opponent is Czech Champion Tereza DVORAKOVA from HAKIM GYM in Kladno.

Tereza is ready to challenge Apolot for the great WKF World title in Lightweight  – 60 Kg /132 lbs in Lowkick.

WKF Světový šampión pásů

This title fight is scheduled for April 28th in Vienna. Dvorakova is a very tough and experienced female fighter with 22nd fights and for sure most dangerous opponent for the Black Pearl. Two strong ladies from Africa vs. Europe fight for the World title belt. Can´t be much better !!!

Tereza VEPŘOUN Dvořáková, hakim Gym, Kladno

Oklahoma goes Europe !

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN confirmed already the mega deal ! Jarrod HARROD is long time fighting and very well experienced Champion.

Žijte na internetu

Today he is seventh in the world rankings. He will fight for the WKF pro World title in Light heavyweight – 179 lbs / – 81,4 kg.

Confirmed opponent is German Andreas BASTRON, he is European Champion as well, “happy to fight an US guy” he said.

USA šampióni proti německému šampióni Evropy

This event is

Live online !!!

More details about FIGHTCARD  and photos in the GALLERY

Sport hall is here !