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Two US fighters are on the fight card for NIGHT OF GLORY in Vienna, Austria

Posted by Office on February 10th, 2018

Jarrod HORATH and Trent „the head hunter“ HARJO


Oklahoma goes Europe !


WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN confirmed already the mega deal !

These are our two US Champions from Oklahoma, Jarrod HORATH and Trent HARJO.

Jarrod is long time fighting and very well experienced Champion.

Today he is seventh in the world rankings. He will fight for the WKF pro World title in Light heavyweight – 179 lbs/– 81,4 kg.

Possible opponent is current World Champion Frenky PAWLAK from Poland. Pawlak is very famous Champion in Europe, and a tough guy as well. In his long career Frenky won world titles in all real world wide federations.

Trent HARJO is a young talented fighter with a top fighting record. He is a tough puncher with a fantastic KO record and he is facing “a tough young European fighting machine” , says the promoter Josef KURTA.

Florian BARTL, 6 times World Champion, Austria


Florian BARTL 6 times World Champion

in K-1  – 178 lbs/81 Kg !


Florian BARTL –  is a tough puncher as well and a young 19th Years old talented fighter. He fought World wide vs. the best local Champions.

Today he has an unbelievable fighting record of  25 fights, 23 wins and 15 KO !

Bartl is PRO-AM World Champion and fought on 6 continents (!) in many huge events.


Now he is looking for a good fight after summer !

Who have a tough – 81 Kg / 178 lbs  K1 fighter ?


Two young Gladiators in the ring  – can´t be much better !!!

Promoter is famous knock-out sport promotion

The contracts for Vienna are now concluded and agreed

Stay tuned !